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Flamingo First Birthday Chalkboard Sign

Jun 06

Flamingo Birthday Party Supplies

We’re excited to show you the new flamingo party supplies for your next flamingo birthday party!  Check them out below and use coupon code NEWFLAM for 10% until 06/13/2018!


How adorable is the new flamingo birthday chalkboard?  This chalkboard can be made for any birthday age by substituting with your new categories.

Let’s not forget about the matching birthday invitations!  These invitations come in 2 different designs, the first one doesn’t include a photo and the second design you can add a photo.


Don’t forget to get the matching flamingo birthday thank you cards.  Thank all of your family and friends for celebrating such a special day! This one also comes with the option of with or without a photo.



We hope you like the new designs! Save 10% off your flamingo purchases until 06/30/2018 by using coupon code NEWFLAM  at checkout.

ladybug birthday

Jan 04

Ladybug Birthday Party

A ladybug birthday is a super cute theme for your little ladybug.  Throw a ladybug birthday party with these supplies:

Ladybug Birthday Chalkboard


Ladybug Birthday Invitations with Photo

Ladybug Birthday Invitations


Ladybug Birthday Thank You Cards with Photo


Ladybug Birthday Thank You Cards

Watch now: How to Make Ladybug Cupcakes

Rainbow Wishes Birthday Chalkboard

Mar 24

Rainbow Wishes Birthday Chalkboard Sign

Rainbow Wishes is one of our new birthday chalkboard signs! It will add a colorful touch to any rainbow themed birthday party. A rainbow themed birthday party would be sweet and special for a rainbow baby. We have the perfect chalkboard sign to personalize with your child’s information and to keep always as a keepsake.

Rainbow Wishes Birthday Chalkboard

Have suggestions? We are listening!

Until next time! Simply Dovie ♥

Little Red Car Birthday Party Theme

Mar 23

Little Red Car Birthday Party

Does your little guy have a birthday coming up?  We have everything you need to throw the perfect Little Red Car birthday party such as our birthday party pack, invitations, thank you cards, birthday chalkboard and confetti poppers!

Little Red Birthday Party Pack includes 12 high resolution PDF files and instructions:

• Welcome sign (8″ x 10″) • “Happy Birthday” banner with two images (flags measure 5″ x 7″) • Cupcake toppers – 3 designs (2.5″ x 2.5″) • Blank food labels – 3 designs (3.5″ x 2″, folded) • Bottle wrappers – 3 designs (8.5″ x 2″) • Thank you tags – 3 designs (2.5″ x 2.5″) • 2″ Circle Sticker Labels – 3 designs (2.25″ x 2.25″) • Straw flags – 6 designs (5″ x 0.75″)

Matching Little Red Car Birthday Chalkboard Sign

Matching Little Red Car birthday invitations and thank you cards

Matching confetti poppers

Until next time! Simply Dovie ♥

Lil Pumpkin Birthday Printable Party

Sep 07

Lil Pumpkin Birthday Party Printable Pack – DIY

It’s almost fall and a Lil Pumpkin birthday party will be so adorable for the little’s that have a fall birthday!  It will make a cute Halloween themed birthday as well.  I’ve designed a Lil Pumpkin birthday party printable pack with everything needed that will help you throw and adorable Lil Pumpkin birthday party. The set includes 12 high resolution PDF printable files (see details below), which range from a “Happy Birthday” banner, cupcake toppers and more!  Also, available to go along with this cute theme is a matching birthday chalkboard, birthday invitation and a thank you card.

Lil Pumpkin Birthday Printable Party Pack includes:

• Welcome sign (8″ x 10″) • “Happy Birthday” banner (flags measure 5″ x 7″) • Cupcake toppers – 3 designs (2.5″ x 2.5″) • Blank food labels – 3 designs (3.5″ x 2″, folded) • Bottle wrappers – 3 designs (8.5″ x 2″) • Thank you tags – 3 designs (2.5″ x 2.5″) • 2″ Circle Sticker Labels – 3 designs (2.25″ x 2.25″) • Straw flags – 6 designs (5″ x 0.75″)

Be sure to share your birthday party using the Lil Pumpkin printable party pack to Facebook and tag Simply Dovie or pin to Pinterest!

Happy Partying! Dovie ♥

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Aug 04

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Birthday

If you are having a “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” first birthday party or for any age, then you will want to checkout our invitations, thank you cards and matching birthday chalkboard! They are super chic and adorable.

Twinkle Little Star Birthday Invitation


Twinkle Little Star Thank You cards


Don’t forget to add on the matching Twinkle Little Star First Birthday Chalkboard! Not only are the birthday chalkboard signs absolutely adorable they also, make the perfect keepsake to remember your little one’s first year.

Twinkle Little Star First Birthday Chalkboard

Keep making memories, Dovie ♥

Our little sunshine,invitations,invites,birthday party,you are my sunshine,theme,girls,first year

Aug 04

You are my sunshine birthday party ideas

Do you have a little one who will be having a first birthday party soon?  Are you looking for birthday party ideas? Of course it has to be a special birthday since it is the most sweetest and special birthday’s of all. Might I add that it’s such a bittersweet birthday! It marks a year of firsts and so many milestones and your little baby is growing up.

For that special little girl, a super cute theme for a first birthday would be, “You are my Sunshine.” It would be so perfect for the ray of light and hope in your life.  Check out the new Our little sunshine birthday invitation and thank you cards that will go perfectly with a “You are my sunshine” birthday party theme.  There are two background choices for these new designs. 🙂


Don’t forget we do have a matching birthday chalkboard as well!

Keep making memories, Dovie ♥

Nautical Birthday Invitations,nautical birthday,nautical invitations,nautical party,birthday,party,nautical,invites,invitations

Aug 03

Nautical Birthday Chalkboard & Invitations

Sail on over to view our nautical themed birthday chalkboard, invitations and thank you cards! These will be perfect for your little sailor’s birthday party. We have a girl version too!

Nautical Birthday Invitations Nautical Birthday Thank You Cards Nautical Birthday Chalkboard

Keep making memories, Dovie ♥

Royal Princess Birthday Invitation,princess birthday,invitations,invites,birthday,party,theme,princess

Aug 02

Exciting News and Royal Princess Birthday

New things are happening at Simply Dovie!   Starting as of today I am uploading several cute new birthday party invitations and thank you cards.  If you haven’t yet, be sure to subscribe to receive all the exciting information when new blogs are posted, such as this one.

First up is the lovely Royal Princess birthday invitation and there is a matching birthday chalkboard.  Please tell me how super adorable this invite is!

Royal Princess Birthday Invitation

Keep an eye open because the thank you card will be in the shop as soon as I can get it uploaded. Between orders and uploading new designs sometimes it feels like it does a take a little rocket science to get it all done.  🙂

Let me not forget to show you the matching chalkboard!

Royal Princess First Birthday Chalkboard

Stay tuned as I will bring you our nautical themed invites and thank yous!

Take care, Dovie 🙂

Peony Birthday Chalkboard

May 20

Peony Birthday

April showers bring May flowers! No need to worry, you won’t need to get wet to love our Peony Birthday Chalkboard Sign! It will add such a chic beautiful touch to your little ones birthday.