If you are here, then most likely you recently received your final image for downloading. So, thank you again for your purchase!

Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions and some technical questions thrown in there in case you might need those answered as well.

How do I print my file?
You can upload your file for printing online or you can save your file to a flash/USB drive or disc to take in for printing.  It is best to save the image from your email to your computer if you are uploading or from your email to a usb/jump/flash drive.   It is recommended to not upload to a print lab from a phone as it will compress your file and will cause issues when printing.

Where do I print my file?
You can print your file anywhere that prints photos and prints the file size you purchased.

What kind of paper do I have it printed on?
We suggest printing any chalkboard designs on matte photo paper. If matte isn’t available then a lustre or semi gloss paper to be used. We do not suggest printing on glossy. Also, the paper color to print on is white as your image will print like any photograph prints.

How do I download my file?
Below are instructions on some of the most popular email programs on how to download your image properly for printing.  Click the link below for your email program.


Snapchat Filter’s – To download your Snapchat filter png file, you will use the same instructions as above. The file will sometimes appear as a thumbnail depending on what email program you are using and on Snapchat filters where the images and text are predominately white, the thumbnail will appear as there isn’t an image attached and will show only a white space at bottom left of email. You will click the empty white space to download your file.   Email example here.  Cell phone example here. SNAPCHAT is a trademark of SNAP INC.

What do I do if the print lab said my file is a low resolution?
You can rest assure that your image is a high resolution file that is higher quality than the standard print recommendation. Please see below for my standard sizes and what your file type would be depending upon which file size you ordered.

5×7 – 2175×1575, 300 DPI
8×10 – 2400×3000, 300 DPI
11×14 – 3300×4200, 300 DPI
16×20 – 4800×6000, 300 DPI
22×28 – 6600×8400, 300 DPI
24×30 – 7200×9000, 300 DPI

Some email programs show thumbnail views of images in the email.  So, in order to verify that you have downloaded the full sized file then you can take the following steps.
1. Download the file to your computer.
2. Right click the file and select properties.
3. Select the details tab.
4. Scroll down for the image sizing.

If you have received a web size image, this is for websharing only for email, Facebook, Twitter, etc. This file will be blurry if printed.

I hope this information will be helpful and make printing your file an easy experience!

Thank you,
Dovie Scott
Simply Dovie, LLC